Sight Guardian Program

A Sight Guardian is a volunteer from the community working as a liaison between the service providers (vision centres and service centre) and the community. His/ her primary job is to “keep an eye on the eye health of the people”.


Each Sight Guardian serves a population unit of 400 – 5000.

Criteria for Sight Guardian

  • Either male or female preferably in the age group of 18 to 35 years (can be relaxed on the basis of the abilities and interest of the candidates)
  • Education – No bar. Basic reading and writing skills are preferred
  • Occupation – Ability to spare some time
  • Commands respect, is well accepted in the community
  • Shows genuine interest and commitment towards the job
  • No objection from the decision maker in the family

Role of Sight Guardian

  • Create general awareness in the community about eye care
  • Screen individuals for distance and near vision and other common eye conditions
  • Follow-up patients referred to Vision Centre / Service Centre in his / her area
  • Provide assistance in organizing awareness programs and school screening in his / her area

Selection Procedure of Sight Guardians

  • Local representatives will provide a list of candidates interested in the position.
  • along with local representatives, will interact with the candidates and select Sight Guardians from the list through verification of their competence and willingness

Benefits for the Sight Guardians

This is purely voluntary work. There is no salary/ honorarium paid for the job. However, logistic expenses towards attending meetings and programs are borne by the society.


  • Duration : 1 days – Full time
  • Faculty : Optometrist
  • Syllabus
  1. Structure of the eye
  2. Common eye conditions (The ABCs of Vision Problems)
  3. Presbyopia
  4. Screening for distance & near vision
  5. Dispensing readymade near vision glasses for presbyopia
  6. Role of vision guardians
  7. Work planning
  8. Maintaining records

Allocation of Project Area/ Villages to Sight Guardian

Each sight guardian is expected to address the eye care needs of a population of 400 – 5000. The number of villages/ size of geographic area allotted to a sight guardian will depend upon the population density and size of individual villages. If the population density is very low, the geographic allotted to a vision guardian should not be too large so that it becomes impractical for him/ her to provide services adequately to the entire area.

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